Commercial Contracts

Our experts at MSLI provide our clients with tailored contract review and negotiation services in various sectors of technology transfer, civil partnership, energy (EP, EPC, P, License Agreements) , etc. Our business oriented experts and advisors can also assist our clients with negotiation of commercial contracts. 

Tax Advisory Services

Our tax experts provide our clients with professional services based on latest legal and regulatory developments in Iran. Taking calculated risks and knowing your rights and benefits under the complicated Iranian tax regime are key to a successful investment and business, in particular for those companies active in local production. 

Corporate Registration Services

Operating  a company in accordance with Commercial Code of Iran requires strict compliance with certain procedural and substantial rules, including procedures related to holding general, shareholders and board meetings. At MSLI we furnish our clients with advisory services pertaining to corporates registration matters including incorporation, changes, capital increase, mergers and acquisitions. 

General Compliance Services


Doing business in Iran for foreign investors, multinational companies and local companies with foreign shareholders is attractive, yet it can prove cumbersome when it comes to complexities of international sanctions. Our clients can reach out to us for queries related to international sanctions, “Know your Customer” and general due diligence. 

Services in Regulatory Sector

Almost every business sector in Iran is governed by a regulatory system, which impose a set of industry-specific requirements on businesses in addition to the general laws and regulations of the country. Companies active in food, health, tobacco, dairy products are few examples. At MSLI we offer our clients industry-specific regulatory advice and services including regulatory legal updates and guidance on how to obtain licenses and permits.