About Us

Molla Sadra Legal Institute (MSLI) is a legal institution based in Tehran with specializations spanning across a wide range of legal services. MSLI was found in early 2003 by Dr. Seyed Fazlollah Mojtahedzadeh who had served as a judge for almost twenty years as well as in various roles as legal director in different upstream industries.

MSLI has always been committed to onboard legal professionals equipped with expertise, experience and accurate understanding of laws and regulations to assist our clients with their challenges in developing their business in the country and to safeguard their best interests through high quality legal advice.

Our history of providing legal services to multi-national firms in Iran furnishes MSLI with a deeper and practical understanding of business challenges that foreign investor may encounter in Iran. In addition, at MSLI we rely on outstanding knowledge of regulations and a practical experience as a result of applying laws and regulations to the reality of doing business in Iran; hence providing our clients with progressive guidance on potential opportunities to further develop their business stands as a key service within our portfolio.

We believe that in a professional framework for cooperation, our clients’ interest is our interest, and therefore we make our best endeavors to to protect the interest of our clients. We believe that safeguarding our clients’ credit is our professional duty.

Our Codes of Conduct

We have a professional responsibility towards our clients while being bound by various codes of professional conducts applicable to lawyers and legal service providers in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Compliance with such laws and regulation, as well as our industry’s best practices is an inherent part of our work.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption- Money Laundry

We operate in strict compliance with the Law on Combating Money Laundry (2008), the Law on Aggravating the Punishment for Perpetrators of Bribery, Embezzlement and Fraud Act (1988), general provision of Iran Penal Code addressing anti-corruption and bribery and other specific code and regulations passed by Iran Central Bar.

Conflict of Interest

Before engaging any client, we conduct an internal screening to ensure avoiding any conflict of interest in dealing with our clients. Should a conflict of interest be identified we disclose the conflict to our clients in order to make sure such conflict is handled in a transparent and compliant manner.

Mutual adherence to principles of professional conduct

We believe in mutual transparency and compliance with codes of conduct when it comes to our clients. We will never engage a client for a service that in our understanding violates any applicable rule and regulation concerning anti-bribery and corruption or money laundering, and we expect our clients to do the same.




Our Professional Values

We seek to collaborate with our clients in the most honest and explicit manner and provide our clients with finest legal advice and solutions and support them at all times while complying with our mutual ethical and professional values.