Energy & Natural Resources

Given the unique capacity of Iran in the field of energy, mines and natural resources have always been (and continues to be) a pivotal factor in attracting foreign investment in Iran, MSLI puts a special focus on this field.

Historically, Iran has hosted many foreign investors, international and multi-national companies whose key area of activity was energy. Despite the restrictions imposed due to international sanctions and embargos in Iran’s energy sector, the legal issues and risks in this area continue to exist. Our special team of energy law experts have a thorough understanding of both legal and business requirements in the energy sector. MSLI also hosts some experienced litigators whose practice area is oil and gas law and are ready to furnish our clients with high standard consultancy services.

Iran is large country ranking 2nd for its natural gas reserves and 3rd for its oil reserves at global level, playing an important role in global energy market. Iran is also the 12th largest electricity producing country and its geographical and climatic conditions generates unique potentials in renewable energy sector. Iran also stands amongst the top 15 countries in terms of rich mineral resources and has so far attracted massive investment in this field. 7% of the world’s mineral resources are in Iran. Steel, copper, aluminum and zinc are also among the mineral resources a myriad of which can be found in Iran. These capacities have transformed Iran into an attractive investment target for many industries.

Our team of lawyers have a long history of practice in energy sector’s diverse legal matter, including contracts, negotiations, procurement, joint venture, taxes, dispute resolutions, arbitration and litigations in both upstream and downstream sectors.